It is with pleasure to introduce Ms. Nthabeleng Likotsi, the founder and Managing Director (MD) of YWBN Co-operative financial Institution (CFI). She who championed the formation of South Africa’s first majority Black Women-owned Mutual Bank. She had the vision, tenacity and the ability to pursue this ground breaking endeavour that is not only historic, but unusual. She joins the ranks of women pioneers who dare to strive to achieve excellence in their field and contribute positively to economic freedom in South Africa today.

Nthabeleng deliberately sought out black South Africans who were passionate about inclusive economic freedom and shared the vision to establish a majority Black Women owned Mutual Bank. As YWBN CFI members, we are proud to say that today, after many years of hard work, a majority Black Women Mutual Bank is in the making.

To honour Nthabeleng’s valiant effort, members of YWBN CFI voted unanimously to have the incoming Mutual Bank named Nthabeleng Likotsi Mutual Bank (NL Mutual Bank), subject to approved by the PA in terms of section 11(1) of the Mutual Banks Act. Honouring Ms. Likotsi this way serves to recognise not only her heroic effort, but also South Africa and Africa’s pioneering young women in general. Also, it is in recognition of the need to highlight the fact that young black women have the skills and capacity to create and promote economic freedom, build generational wealth and ultimately, shared prosperity amongst the marginalized in the economy, and therefore deserves to be given equal and more opportunity to drive change.


Message from the team

Growing up in townships and rural areas looking up to our forebearers who were very instrumental in paving the way to Political Freedom, we dared to dream. There have been many growing pains and hardships along the way, but the enduring spirit kept us going. We sacrificed time with our children, our parents and family, dedicated all our financial, physical, emotional and social resources to ensure that we give birth to this gift for ourselves as well as our fellow sisters and brothers in Africa.

We hope that YWBN Mutual Bank will be a home for all your financial needs and support for your businesses which will create jobs for yourself, your children and your relatives.

Join YWBN so that we can Build this legacy together and create generational wealth.

We welcome you BANK OWNER!

Ms. Nthabeleng Likotsi | Ms. Nontsikelelo Sisulu | Ms. Phindile Khumalo
| Ms. Kamogelo Masenamela

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